Film Your Next Aerial Footage From A Longhorn Helicopter

If you’re a filmmaker, you’re always looking for a new perspective on familiar subjects. One of the most effective ways to gain that new vantage point? Take to the sky via helicopter.  Helicopters have long been a standard of the videography industry for recording...

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Helicopter Lingo

When you book a Dallas helicopter charter or a specialty tour with Longhorn Helicopters, you're likely to hear some words that might not make sense to you. You're also likely to hear some words that you think you understand but in truth, they have their own...

Get to Know the Helicopters: Schweizer 300

At Longhorn Helicopters, we love our whirlybirds, and love teaching people all about them. Our flight school will prep any budding pilot with excellent in-air helicopter training and certification courses. One of the helicopters we have in our fleet (and train people...

10 Instagram Worthy Places in DFW

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a 9,286 square-mile area, and within that space are many iconic landmarks and attractions to explore. Whether you're a local or a visitor to the area, it's virtually impossible to see all of the sites in one, Instagram-perfect...

Drones vs. Helicopters

There's no question drones have become prevalent in our society. These remote-controlled small aircraft have found their way into the hands of hobbyists, kids and even professional photographers. The drone-saturated economy has affected a number of aspects of life,...

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