It sounds very James Bond: exiting a party or event via helicopter, hair blown in the wind of the whirring blades.

But with Longhorn Helicopters, that classic trope isn’t confined to the plot line of an action movie. You, too, can take off from your own special event in style.

Here at Longhorn we recently gave our JetRanger, the Bell 206 B3, an inside and outside makeover. Here are a few ideas for ways you could use our shined up aircraft!



One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is a grand exit. It’s all about the grand finish to the celebration, a photograph-worthy moment of joy and the beginning of the couple’s forever.

In the past, it’s been common to use vehicles like horse drawn carriages, sports cars or limousines to truly punctuate the importance of the moment. But taking off in a helicopter trumps all of those.

Longhorn Helicopters could be a part of taking you from the reception into the sunset, creating an unforgettable moment in your special day.



Before you can even think about a wedding, there’s an engagement. Deciding how to propose can be a task laden with a lot of pressure. If you’re planning to propose and drawing a blank on how to make it memorable, consider proposing while soaring over the Dallas Fort-Worth skyline in one of our helicopters.

If you’re worried about being able to pop the question loud enough over the noise of a helicopter, we’ve got you covered. We can take you to your dream destination of choice. We can’t guarantee that a helicopter ride makes your special someone more likely to say yes — but it certainly can’t hurt!



Gone are the days of high schoolers having to rely on their date’s parents for a car to ride to prom. For any prom goers who truly want to ride in style, Longhorn could be your lift. Whether you opt for arriving or taking off in a chartered helicopter, you’re sure to make an impression.


Bachelorette Parties

The destination bachelorette party has become a common way for brides-to-be and their bridesmaids to enjoy a relaxing get-away before the chaos of pulling off a wedding.

If you’ve chosen Dallas as your party destination, let Longhorn take you on an unforgettable girl’s night over the skyline. With tour packages in a variety of lengths, there are options even if you just want a quick interlude in enjoying the rest of what DFW has to offer.


Casino Hopping

If you’re planning a night out with friends, consider the added entertainment and flair of getting there in a helicopter. The Winstar, the largest casino in the U.S., is an 80 mile jaunt north of Dallas, and taking a helicopter ride gets you there quicker and saves the hassle of parking.

If you wanted to go just a couple miles farther, you could land at the Choctaw Durant. Our helicopters open up a world of possibilities!



Sure, you could wait in line for an Uber or Lyft with the dozens of other airline passengers doing the exact same thing. Or you could be picked up in style by a Longhorn Helicopter. Charters both to and from the DFW airport help you skip the traffic and get where you need to go.

If you’re ready to make your unforgettable exit, let us know!