As you survey the wide Dallas-Fort Worth skyline from your perch in one of Longhorn’s helicopters, you might be wondering about the individual landmarks that make that horizon unforgettable.

Who built the skyscrapers? What are their names? And which one is the tallest?

We’ve prepared a handy cheat sheet on some of the monsters of the downtown Dallas skyline, starting with the tallest.


Bank of America Plaza

At 921 feet and 72 stories, the Bank of America Plaza holds the title of tallest skyscraper in Dallas. Visitors to DFW might recognize it as the building that is outlined in bright green LED lights at night, making it a striking fixture around the clock.

The Bank of America Plaza houses a wide range of businesses’ offices. Tenants of the building get to make use of conferences rooms and a large fitness center in addition to the countless restaurant and entertainment options throughout the nearby area.


Renaissance Tower

The Renaissance Tower makes it to second on the list at 886 feet and 56 floors above ground. This stunning structure is best recognized by the x-shaped design across each of its four sides. Initially completed in the 1970s, the building underwent renovations in the early 90s to bring it to the landmark status it enjoys today.

Also serving as the host for many different office spaces, the Renaissance Tower offers many dining options on site. The Tower also has made significant efforts to equip their tenants with eco-friendly habits, keeping the building kind to the Dallas skyline.


Comerica Bank Tower

The Comerica Bank Tower is 787 feet tall, but actually fits more floors into that space than the Renaissance: the Comerica Tower holds a full 60 floors. The architecture of the building has been award-winning and trend-setting, providing a beautiful space for the businesses that take up residency there (they have an extensive photo gallery to prove it).

As if over 1.5 million square feet of space wasn’t already impressive enough, the Comerica Bank Tower is actually planning to expand in order to accommodate even more tenants.


Chase Tower

The 738 foot, 55 story Chase Tower is appropriately emblazoned with Chase Bank’s logo. In fact, the top of the building itself mirrors the octagon featured in the bank’s branding. And speaking of the top of the building, it’s one of the more impressive features for a modern office building: the space offers a coffee car, wet bar, games and conference and board rooms.

The Chase Tower is located in the arts district, which places a certain pressure of aesthetic on the space. It’s a challenge Chase has risen to, renovating their lobby and entrance area this year to bring it up to state-of-the-art standards.


Fountain Place

The fifth tallest building in the Dallas skyline is one of the most visually striking. The Fountain Place is a graceful 720 foot, 62 story structure located in the arts district on Ross Avenue. The building is right at home amid its art-focused neighbors with a sprawling fountain-filled plaza sitting at its foot.

Beyond the fountains, waterfalls and trees, the visual eye candy just keeps coming with sheer glass geometric walls reflecting the sky.

This is another building that has been receiving some extra care this year. Throughout 2018, Fountain Place has been undergoing a $70 million remodel and upgrade.

Now that you can recognize the buildings, you’ll be one step ahead for taking in the horizon the next time you fly with us!