So you know know a little bit about the wide range of incredible packages we offer for touring the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex on a helicopter.

You might be one of the potential fliers who is held back from the incredible experience by a common fear: a fear of motion sickness.

If you are prone to motion-sickness, or even if you feel you might be, it’s understandable that you might have a little trepidation about taking on a helicopter flight. The sudden takeoff and landing and smaller vehicle frame can make helicopters prone to turbulence.

However, that shouldn’t be any reason to miss out on the incredible experience of seeing the DFW cityscape from the air.

Whether you’re preparing for your first helicopter ride or your tenth, here are some tips for making sure that you’re prepared for motion sickness.


Eat Right

One of the hallmark symptoms of motion sickness is nausea. This can easily be curbed through thinking ahead in what you eat. “Avoid meals that are fatty, greasy, salty or spicy, and don’t drink any alcohol,” USA Today recommends in a travel tip.

The best way to eat is a little at a time rather than heavy meals and focusing on bland, easy-on-the-stomach foods.

Beyond just focusing on what not to eat, there are a few things you should eat. Ginger is known to settle nausea, and keeping emergency ginger tablets on hand can help. You can take ginger for a day or two in advance to lessen the risk of nausea too.

If you get desperate, over-the-counter motion sickness medications are definitely an option. However, we can’t recommend taking those unless absolutely necessary; a lot of medications cause drowsiness, and we’d hate for you to be too sleepy to enjoy the view!


Focus In

The prevailing theory is that motion sickness is caused when visual, auditory and physical sensory input conflicts. The experience of flying can easily cause that conflict.

One way to help your nerves settle down and get together on the same processing wavelength is to pick a fixed point on the horizon and focus in on it

Another way to cut back on conflicting signals is to stay facing forward. In a helicopter, you don’t have as many positioning choices as in a plane, which makes the seat-choosing task a lot simpler!

Just make sure you keep your vision directed the same way the helicopter is moving.


Turn the Screen Down

This is the natural follow-up to the above point: if you have to keep your eyes doing the same thing your body is, then reading might not be the best idea. Even focusing on a phone screen can start to impact you.

As much fun as it is to Instagram in flight, if you’re worried about motion sickness, keep the photo snapping quick and wait to catch up on those notifications until you’re on the ground.


Think Through It

Frustratingly, a major cause of motion sickness is fearing that you will get motion sick. If you can win the mental battle, chances are you’re more than halfway there.

Try identifying fears and concerns about motion sickness and replacing them with envisioning a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Focus on the people you’re with and the incredible sights of the DFW area. Before you know it, you’ll be landing without a moment of trouble.

Now that you’re equipped to battle motion sickness if it does arise, it’s time to take to the skies! Schedule your helicopter experience today