If you book one of our Dallas-Fort Worth helicopter tours, chances are high that you’ll want to have your phone at the ready for the perfect ‘gram. We can’t blame you.

There is a lot of Instagram gold in the DFW metroplex, and our helicopter tours take you by a lot of them.

Although it’s one thing to see the sights of the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, it’s another thing entirely to see them from the air.

If you need any further proof, here are some of our recent favorite Instagram posts taken on Longhorn adventures. After you take your own trip, be sure to post with the hashtag #LonghornHelicopters!


1. The Right Angle

Kevin Hann is a frequent flier whose photography work takes him into our passenger seat and into the skies. He captures DFW from all over, proving that there really isn’t a bad angle for this beautiful city!


2. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

… It’s a helicopter passenger! Jonathan Belle, photographer, podcaster and Superman cosplayer, got to experience a little bit of the Man of Steel’s gravity-defying feats in real life with Longhorn.

In addition to his exceptional in-character shot, scroll through his feed to see a video of his feet airborne over Dallas.


3. Small Humans, Big Fun

These grins say it all: the helicopter experience is a blast for all ages. This crew of friends from the Long Cove community were all smiles after their ride, and fortunately someone was there to immortalize the moment.


4. Dreaming

At Longhorn Helicopters, it’s not always fun and games. Sometimes we’re in the business of making dreams come true. That was the case for videographer Casey Bowman, who was part of a crew that took flight with Longhorn for a series on DFW. He described it as “dreams coming true while building other dreams.”


5. The Pilot’s Seat

Sometimes the best pictures come from our own team. Longhorn Helicopters owner/pilot Eli Maloy is often the source of that, sharing stunning pictures of his memorable rides and the people he meets along the way!


6. Hang Out

Alright, we’ll admit it: we’re a big fan of the classic shoes-over-the-skyline shots. This photographer duo nailed it while in town this summer. Seeing the skyline lit up beneath you is a truly unforgettable experience you have to see to believe.

If these breathtaking pictures have you ready to take flight, book a Dallas-Fort Worth helicopter tour today!

If you’re a creative who needs unique aerial video or stills of the DFW area, we can help with that too — find out about partnering commercially