If you’re looking for a fast transit option, whether it’s to shorten your commute or to get you started on an out of town vacation, booking a private plane is not your only option.

Longhorn Helicopters can take care of all your business travel needs in the DFW metroplex area.

But what sets helicopter travel apart from the airplane flights you’re likely more used to? Here are a few things you should keep in mind as a first time helicopter passenger.


Safety First

If you’re a first time helicopter passenger, chances are that you might have some fear of unknown. We’ve all seen the action movies and the often explosive ends helicopters come to.

Fortunately, that’s all movie magic. Helicopter fatalities are far fewer than those that result from driving, and helicopter accidents have been steadily falling even further for the past few years now.

Helicopters have extensive inspection and safety protocols, and your pilot will be able to brief you on your role as a passenger.

The added versatility of helicopters when it comes to where and when they can land also means that in case of emergency, they might be better outfitted than planes to deal with it.


Dress For the Occasion

Helicopter flights can be breezy and unpredictable in temperature, especially if you end up in an open door model. This means that lots of light, fitted layers are your ideal clothing plan.

If you have long hair, have a plan for tying it back. This isn’t a great time to wear a lot of extra loose jewelry, hats or shoes that easily slip off. A light jacket that you can easily take on and off is a good flying essential.


The Packing List

Although you’re not going to want too many extras, there are a few things that will be necessities.

A photo ID is important, just like it would be for an airplane flight. Even if it seems to be a cloudy day, you will likely want to grab some sunglasses just in case you get into clear, sunny skies. Especially if you have sensitive ears, you will probably want to have some hearing protection on hand as well. 


Listen and Learn

Because helicopter flights are small and the number of people aboard will be limited by necessity, this allows for a lot more direct communication between you and the pilot.

This means that if you have questions or concerns, a highly trained pilot will be right there to answer you. You’ll be given thorough instructions, and listening and learning will ensure that you have any information you need for a safe and comfortable ride.

Now that you’re ready to fly, you can charter a helicopter with Longhorn Helicopters any time!